Difference between swimsuits and bikini

Choosing the right one

For women or girls,this is the time of the year in summer when they go to the beach or pool and wear a swimsuit that accentuates them while having a good time in the beautiful weather.Therefore,you need to choose the right bathing suits.In fact,the swimwear,just like any other piece of clothing,can be very personal in terms of what you decide to wear.There are also a variety of swimsuit styles and types,so you can find the perfect style for your individual needs.You can use our comparison to find a one piece swimsuit or bikini that suits you better.


Sun Protection:A major advantage of one-piece swimsuits is that they will provide better sun protection compared to bikinis because they cover more ground than bikinis,which is certainly a good choice for some beauty loving girls.So,when they wear one-piece swimsuits do not have to wear too much sunscreen.

Styles:In terms of style,there are probably more bikini styles.Many designers have designed many different styles of bikinis to suit people's visual appeal.

Fashionability:In terms of fashionability or ease of matching,both are partially up and down.Although one is more conservative and the other exposed,but it does not prevent them from being fashionable.Because whether it's a conservative one-piece swimsuit or a more exposed bikini,they are very trendy and fashionable with other clothes.

But,do you think it's enough to choose the right swimwear? No,it's up to your body type to decide if you're wearing the right swimsuit of your choice.

When you choose before you consider:

Do you want to feel comfortable in your body or do you want to show off as much of your figure as possible?For a one-piece swimsuit,do you want a swimsuit that hides some of your problems,or do you want a modern look with style and design? You have to make sure which style you like,but before making a final decision,you should also consider your body type,which is quite important for choosing a bathing suit.

Body type

Every girl has a different body type:tall,short,fat and thin.How to determine what body type you belong to so you can choose the right swimsuits? Let me tell you:

First,the general body type of girls is roughly divided into four types:hourglass type,pear type,apple type and banana type.So,what is hourglass type,pear type,apple type and banana type?

Hourglass type:The hourglass type refers to the width of the bust and hips is roughly the same but the waist is much smaller,so also known as X-shaped body,is considered the most perfect body type.The most famous like Marilyn Monroe,her body is the hourglass type,and this hourglass type body no matter which swimsuit to wear are very good,if you wear a bikini may highlight the advantages of the body.

Pear type:This body type is significantly wider at the hips than at the waist and chest.Simply put,the upper body is thin,with large hips and thicker thighs,more common in Asian women.Women with this figure would do well to choose a style that draws the eye to the upper body,so that people can ignore the lower body.Like a ruffled swimsuit,or a one-piece swimsuit with a neckline,the simpler the style is the better.

Apple type:The waist is significantly wider than the hips and equal to or almost as wide as the bust.This can choose high waist/high slit,V-neck or thin straps of one-piece style.

Banana type:The whole body is very thin,there is no significant difference between the hips,waist and bust,that is,we often say H-shaped body,also known as the "athlete's body".This figure is recommended to choose a one-piece swimsuit,preferably the waist hollow style,which can create a H-shaped body girl to create a good feeling of body shape.

There are also some decorations can also do the effect of extra points.When it comes to bathing suits and bikinis,there is no right or wrong answer.Both swimwears are great choices and both offer moderate coverage and comfort options,but don't blindly choose what you think looks good in a swimsuit,which will instead magnify your body's "flaws" even more,so you may be more wrong than wrong.

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