Can swim in winter?

When we mention when swimming is appropriate or suitable for swimming season, the answer is very uniform - summer, because in the eyes of many people, swimming is a summer sport. But in fact, swimming is a suitable sport for all seasons. Then someone will say: why is it suitable for swimming in winter? Winter swimming is not afraid of cold? This is a misconception.

Why can we swim in winter?

Many people think that swimming in winter is swimming outdoors, but in fact, it is not. Like swimmers they are actually swimming or training in a constant temperature indoor swimming pool, not everyone can accept to exercise in the cold outdoors. Of course, there are still people who swim outdoors in winter, but it takes a lot of courage and a strong body to swim outdoors in winter when the temperature is extremely low and cold, and they have to bear the strange looks of others and the cold air like being "stabbed into the body with a sharp blade".

What are the benefits of winter swimming?

  1. It keeps you healthy.Whether you swim for pleasure or for competition, swimming gets your heart rate up, increases aerobic activity, burns calories and builds your endurance.
  2. Boosts your immune system.Cold water helps the body become better at activating its defenses.
  3. Improve blood circulation.Cold water swimming will constantly flush our veins, arteries and capillaries. Repeatedly exposing our extremities to the cold allows us to adapt to it.
  4. Boosts mood.When a person exercises, a chemical is released that mobilizes your body's positive feelings, thus boosting your mood. Swimming can relieve stress and tension, and the rhythm of your breathing while swimming can help you relax.
  5. You can make new friends. When you are tired of swimming and resting at the pool, you can pay attention to which people swim better, and when others are free to go over to meet and chat, so that people can pass on their experience, so that you can meet people from all walks of life, so that you can join the swimming club, or participate in the social activities of the local aquatic facilities, meet people in the community.

The downside of winter swimming

  1. Easy to catch a cold-Winter swimming requires a slow adaptation process, so if you are outdoors at the beginning without corresponding adaptive preparation, you will easily catch a cold
  2. Long adaptation time-We can easily adapt to the temperature of spring, summer and autumn, but the cold of winter is not acceptable for a while, let alone winter swimming. Your psychological construction also takes a long time, because once you decide to swim in winter, you have to be ready to accept the not so "friendly" eyes of others, and be ready to become a "celebrity" at any time, because your crazy behavior may be reported in the news.

What to watch out for

  1. Whether you have a disease.If you suffer from heart disease, high blood pressure, asthma or other diseases is not winter swimming, swimming is also not allowed, because in the process may induce disease attacks. If you have any of these diseases or conditions, please get expert medical advice before winter swimming or swimwear
  2. Adaptation.If you are swimming outdoors, do not go into the water at once, you can sit on the edge first, put your feet into the water slowly to feel the water temperature, you can repeat a few more times until you get used to it. Then use your fingers to gently splash the water to your body to adapt to the temperature
  3. Keep warm.The most important thing is to keep warm in the cold outdoors. Dry your body as soon as possible after winter swimming, and then put on warm clothes. Once you have done this, you can take a brisk walk to keep your body "warm".
  4. Do not jump or dive into cold water.The act of diving or diving is not normally allowed, without professional training diving, will cause great impact on the body and limbs, although there may be no apparent incident, especially the cold water

Therefore, many countries and regions will organize winter swimming activities or competitions, and winter swimming is slowly becoming a water activity in winter, of course, when the water is not yet frozen

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