Best Practices for Diapering at Swim Lessons

Some of the first questions we receive from parents starting to enroll their child in a children's swim class are about baby swim diapers. Below is some additional information on how we handle diapers at Hubbard Family Swimming School and answers to frequently asked questions about baby swim diapers. 


1. What are your guidelines for swim diapers? 

To prioritize safety and cleanliness, we ask all children under three years old to wear a cloth diaper in class. This also applies to children who are potty trained. 

2. What kind of wash diapers should I use? 

As mentioned above, washable diapers are best for swimming pools. They are the best swim diapers for children because they protect the child's swimsuit from waste and prevent it from ending up in the pool water. 

3. Where can I buy them?

There are many companies that sell cloth swim diapers, but they are also available for purchase in our lobby areas. If you forget to bring one or need to purchase one, you can easily check out the options we have for you. 

4. How often should I check the swim diaper? 

We recommend that you check your child's swim diaper before the start of the course and immediately afterward. If you suspect that your child has soiled the diaper during the course, you should take the child out of the pool and check it. Since swim diapers are likely to become soiled at some point during your stay at our facility, we always recommend bringing at least two swim diapers just in case. 

Another good idea is to put your child in a regular diaper at home before you leave, and then put the diaper and swimsuit on top. That way, when you get to Hubbard, you can remove the regular diaper (because it might get wet or dirty on the way to class) and already have the clean, washable diaper in place. 

5. How can I manage diaper use if my child is potty trained but not yet three years old?

If the child is clean before the age of three, many parents want to forgo the swim diaper. However, this is contrary to our policy for a reason. Young children, even those who have been clean for a long time, are prone to accidents and have less control over their bodies than older children. Therefore, this policy is designed to keep our pools as clean and safe as possible. 

If your child refuses to wear a diaper after being introduced to cleaning, try to make the experience fun. You might say something like, "Now we're going to put on your special swimsuit!" or let them choose the color and pattern of the diaper themselves so that they feel they have some control over the matter. 


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