Are gymnastics leotards comfortable?

Quality control is critical because we understand that in this sport, performance is everything. Whether training or competing, the last thing you should worry about is tight-fitting leotards. Our ethos is "performance perfection", and we strive to provide leotards that meet that message.

The 3 major standards are the comfort of a gymnastics leotard

1. Design & Fabric: Soft and smooth 4-way stretch quality fabric, 82% polyester/18% spandex fabric, light and breathable, tight and smooth seams to reduce irritation close to the body, do not worry about gymnastics tears, to play a role in security protection.

2. Size: We set different sizes for different levels of gymnasts, our sizes are professionally certified, and each size is the regular standard, check our size chart before ordering to choose your appropriate size. Most toddler size tights start from about 2T size range

3. Washing effect: Our gymnastics leotards are soft and smooth, machine washable or hand washable, with no fading or distortion, but for leos with sequins, glitter, or metallic colors, then you must hand wash them and turn them over so the outside color does not come in contact with direct tap water as well as for Leo made of lycra, nylon/spandex, and velvet, please wash all your leos together with cold water on low. Then tumble dry the Leo at a low temperature.

Quality is TENVDA's only criterion to measure the comfort of gymnastics leotards

We believe that only making the best-designed gymnastics outfits can bring perfect performance to each gymnast. We match each customer with the best gymnastics clothes that belong to them and accompany them to realize the dream of each gymnast! If you have any questions about gymnastics clothing. TENVDA will give you the best answers!


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